Could you possibly imagine for fun joining me in writing a puppet show where puppets of Marx, Bakunin, Luxemburg and others -- the members of the historical 'invisible international' going back to the Levellers and Spartacus -- hold a debate on the prospects of revolution in 2012, defend their views, contradict each other compromise on some etc.

But with Punch and Judy baffs when the polemics get hot. And perhaps with an audience -- including Penny the teen heroine of the 'Dream of Utopias' who asks profoundly naïve questions. She is patterned on the Disney character of Belle in 'Beauty and the Beast,' the bookish, sharp-tongued, idealistic daughter of the not-so-mad scientist. She could be a live person dialoging with puppets as on Sesame St.

Check out G.B. Shaws's puppet play 'Shakes vs. Shav'